Hi! I'm
Android developer with 10+ years of experience in mobile development. My passion is working on user-friendly apps and create immersive user experience
Currently, I'm working in EPAM for more than a year. My project is application MeWATCH for discovering video-on-demand movies, tv shows and live channel streams for MediaCorp Inc. Adaptation AXIS platform for customer, creating specific functionality.

Tech stack is Kotlin, Java, Rx2, Dagger2, ExoPlayer, MVVM, OkHttp, billion 3d party SDKs for ads and analytics
Previous project is mobile-only social network Frim (and it's russian counterpart ДругВокруг). I've created Android application from scratch, and lead the command of developers for about 8 years. We where delivering full feature cycle from ideas to release, including A/B testing, analytics, error analysis, close interaction with backend team, implementation of socket-based client-server protocol.

Tech stack is Kotlin, Rx2, Dagger2, Clean architecture, TCP sockets
Earlier I've worked for SKB Kontur, desktop app for social workers, implemented business logic of calculating of social aid, workstation UIs